Client Portal

What is a Secure Client Portal

A secure client portal is just like a Client folder in a filing cabinet, which is stored in the Cloud.  The Nimbus Client Portal is accessed via the Internet.  This means that a Client can access their files, which the Practice stores in their Client filing cabinet in the Cloud from any computer, or mobile device, which can access the Internet.

The Client Portal is accessed via a Login Gateway, much the same, as you would logon to an Internet Banking site.  Each Client is provided a URL to the login page for the Secure Client Portal, though most Practices provide a login page via their Practice Web site.  Each Client has their own login code, and each Client must set their own password.  When a Client logs in to the Secure Client Portal, they will only be able to see their files and no other client files.

What Clients see

The information provided via the Secure Client Portal is slightly different to the Nimbus Practice Portal. 

Screen layout and navigation

Much of what a Client sees when they login to their Nimbus Client Portal depends on the preferences of the Practice.   There may or may not be an Ad area and Navigation menu options may differ from those shown in the below diagram.  The content area is the main user workplace, but for the Home Page, this most likely will just contain useful information which is particular to the Practice and, which may change from time to time.

The Toolbar is context sensitive and contains the current menu option title and icons used to perform actions specific to the data displayed in the Content area.   These icons will come and go as you navigate between screens.