Clients and Contacts

In Nimbus, Clients are the Business Entities that we deal with, and Contacts are the people who we communicate with, for these entities.  With Contacts enabled, Nimbus displays both a Clients menu and a Contacts menu.

Client and Contact details may be added manually to Nimbus, or they may be synchronized from a Contacts database e.g.: XeroPM, WorkflowMax, CCH iFirm, GreatSoft, MYOB AE, HandiSoft, HowNow etc.  If Client and Contact details are synchronized with a Contacts database, certain fields will be ‘greyed out’ and will not be editable within Nimbus.  If either Client or Contact details need to be edited in cases where AutoMate is installed, the editing must be performed within the Contacts database.  Once complete, the edited details will then synchronise with Nimbus.